Bose FreeSpace Model 32SE Loudspeaker

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Bose FreeSpace Model 32SE Loudspeaker

This premium 32-watt surface-mount loudspeaker is engineered to meet the placement and performance demands of outdoor business settings.

It features a patented 4.5-inch (11.4cm) Bose® HVC (Helical Voice Coil) driver known for lifelike sound, high power handling and reliability. This full-range driver delivers wide, even dispersion so music and paging can be heard more clearly throughout the space.

A weather-resistant driver and environmentally robust materials allow the FreeSpace® 32SE loudspeaker to deliver exceptional performance in a wide range of weather conditions. Quick-mounting brackets allow for horizontal or vertical mounting, increasing placement options. The angle of the loudspeakers can also be adjusted to enhance sound coverage.

Full-Range Driver Technology

Using advanced proprietary technology, Bose® full-range drivers deliver a unique combination of performance, small size and reliability.

They provide smooth frequency response and a wide coverage for lifelike music reproduction and exceptional speech intelligibility - without annoying gaps in volume and tone.

Full-range drivers are used in a variety of Bose professional speakers. They are more reliable than conventional speakers whose small, separate tweeters often cannot handle the high power and extended use demands of professional applications.