Bose PackLite Extended Bass Package

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Bose PackLite Extended Bass Package

PackLite® extended bass package

* Recommended for bass players, drummers and DJs
* Compact, powerful low-end boost for L1® systems
* Delivers greater bass volume and headroom, without changing your tone
* PackLite amplifier and two B1 bass modules included

The PackLite extended bass package is designed for any L1 system owner who wants more low-end volume and headroom. It includes a PackLite power amplifier Model A1, two B1 bass modules, cables and protective covers. The compact, lightweight package connects to an L1 power stand in seconds, producing greater bass output without coloring your tone.

L1 systems include built-in amplifiers that power up to two B1 bass modules. With the PackLite extended bass package, you can add two more bass modules to your system quickly and easily. Just plug in the PackLite power cord, connect the amp to the power stand and bass modules, and you're ready to roll.

The PackLite amp provides 250 watts of clean power in a small, three-pound metal case. It drives both bass modules in the package, and can be used as a stand-alone amp with other passive speakers like bass cabs, subwoofers and studio monitors.

Keep your tone, automatically

Plug in the PackLite amp, and your L1 system automatically adjusts to maintain the original tonal balance. The L1 power stand senses how many modules are connected and controls the output to match your settings. So you get the same great bass tone, only louder.

Stack them up

To add even more bass output to your L1 system, you can simply daisy-chain more PackLite extended bass packages. The system automatically continues to preserve your tone as bass output increases. And B1 bass modules feature interlocking feet that make it easy to stack up to four of them in a column securely.


Powerful, compact and rugged amplifier delivers 250 watts of power from a small, three-pound metal enclosure. Designed to drive up to two additional B1 bass modules running on L1 systems. Recommended for anyone seeking more low-end output, including bass players, drummers and DJs.

Intelligent L1 system connections match the amplifier gain with B1 bass modules and L1 Model I and Model II power stands. Simply connect the amp to the power stand and modules, and the system automatically increases bass level without altering your tone.

Automatic input gain control senses whether the input signal is balanced or unbalanced and automatically adjusts gain.

Loudspeaker limiter protects connected loudspeakers from distortion damage. Eliminates the need for an outboard limiter and additional cable routing.

Thru connector enables daisy-chaining of PackLite extended bass packages to one L1 system.

Stand-alone power drives any passive loudspeakers with a minimum load of four ohms and 250-watt handling capacity.

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