Griffin Amplifi 2.1 Tabletop Sound System

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Griffin Amplifi 2.1 Tabletop Sound System

Amplifi is a high-tech contemporary styled 2.1 channel sound system. Designed with a compact tabletop footprint, sturdy wood construction and acoustically tuned enclosure, this system is sure to rock your tunes in any room.

An all-wood, acoustically tuned enclosure with bass reflex port and special ResonanceDrive construction gives Amplifi warm, rich tones and amazing frequency response. Amplifi's two front-firing 2-3/4" neodymium drivers and 5" down-firing woofer create a clean, powerful sound, unheard-of in its price range.

Amplifi features the iconic knob made famous by the Griffin PowerMate. Amplifi's knob is a straightforward volume control, illuminated with a soft, clear blue light when the system is powered up.

Amplifi will happily accept audio input from almost any source through its built-in 3.5mm (1/8") input jack. But Amplifi is especially iPod-friendly, with a convenient docking slot in its top, and 6 iPod adapters/spacers so any iPod model from from the mini to the 5G iPod with Video will fit securely.

To complete this great desktop system, Amplifi comes with a slim, 6-function IR remote control.

Compatible with all iPod models and non-pod players.


* iPod-ready with docking slot and 6 iPod adapters
* Compact acoustically-tuned wooden enclosure
* Slim 6-function IR remote
* Charges iPod during use

Technical Specifications

* Two 2.75 neodymium high/midrange speakers
* 5" woofer and bass reflex port
* 3.5mm stereo input jack supports all players
* Includes AC Power Cable (100-240V AC)