Kenwood KFC-835C Speaker

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Kenwood KFC-835C Speaker

The Kenwood KFC-835C is a slam-dunk replacment speaker for tired, old factory speakers. Designed for 3.5" dash applications, this system has a water- resistant cone, offers 40 Watts of power, and sounds great, too!

Genernal Features

* Max Power: 40 Watts
* Whizzer cone
* 96hz to 20Khz Frequency Response
* 89dB Sensitivity

Technical Details

* Brand Name: Kenwood
* Model: KFC-835C
* speaker_type: Car speaker
* Speaker Amplification Type: Passive
* speakers_maximum_output_power: 40 Watts
* speakers_response_bandwidth: 96 - 20000 Hz
* Speaker Connectivity: Wired
* Depth: 1.7 inches
* Height: 3.7 inches
* Width: 3.7 inches
* Weight: 14.4 Ounces

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