Kenwood KFC-T207 Component Tweeter

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Kenwood KFC-T207 Component Tweeter

Adding tweeters, like the KFC-T207, in the front of the car (A-pillars) can raise the soundstage of your system and give you that extra detail. In addition to high power handling, the KFC-T207 component tweeters have a P.E.I. balanced dome tweeter and U.F.L.C. soft dome tweeter for smooth and natural-sounding high notes.

General Features

* Max Power: 280 Watts

* 13/16" U.F.L.C Soft Dome Tweeter

* 2-Way Flush Surface Mounting

* Flush- and surface-mount hardware included

* Frequency response: 3,500-35,000 Hz

* Sensitivity: 90 dB

* Flush mount depth: 1-5/16"

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