Logitech 970186-0403 Z-4i Speakers

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Logitech 970186-0403 Z-4i Speakers

Treat your computer to an audio makeover. Give your music new depth while adding some sophistication to your desktop.

Sound Quality

* Quality satellite design: Delivers a rich, full audio experience with a combination of one active driver and two pressure drivers.
* Award-winning pressure-driver subwoofer: Patented Logitech technology delivers unparalleled, distortion-free bass. Includes its own volume control.


* Wired remote: Conveniently control volume, subwoofer, auxiliary input, and power. Includes a headphone jack for private listening.
* Color-coded audio cables: Make system setup easy and quick.
* MP3-ready: Use the convenient input on the wired remote for easy connection to your favorite MP3 player, CD player, or other portable audio device.


* Desktop design: Complements any desktop with a high-gloss finish and cast metal stands. Color scheme complements your Apple® Macintosh® computer.

Technical Specifications

o Total RMS power: 40 watts RMS
- Satellites: 17 watts RMS (8.5 watts x 2)
- Subwoofer: 23 watts RMS
o Total peak power: 80 watts
o Frequency response: 35 Hz–20 kHz
o Drivers:
- Satellites: 2-inch dome driver, 2-inch pressure driver
- Subwoofer: 8-inch pressure driver
o Speaker dimensions (H x W x D, inches):
- Satellites: 9 x 3 x 3.75
- Subwoofer: 9 x 9 x 9.37
o Signal-to-noise ratio: >92 dB