M-Audio StudioPro 3 Professional Desktop Audio Monitors

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M-Audio StudioPro 3 Professional Desktop Audio Monitors

Recording engineers and music producers around the world rely on M-Audio reference monitors to insure that their mixes are accurate. The StudioPro 3 active monitors bring that same standard of audio fidelity right to your desktop. Custom-tuned cabinets, optimized speaker design, and advanced crossover technology combine with generous built-in amplification to deliver the best sound you can get in monitors this size. Complete with magnetic shielding to prevent interference with computer and video monitors, StudioPro 3 speakers deliver great audio experiences from your music and multimedia applications. They're also great for traveling.


3.25" low-frequency drivers; 1" high-frequency drivers
remarkably accurate frequency response and imaging
advanced crossover design
custom-tuned wood cabinet
magnetic shielding prevents computer/video monitor interference
vented port design for added bass
transportable, compact design is ergonomic and flexible
internal standing wave acoustic absorption for greater efficiency
Bass Boost switch
factory programmed for worldwide use
RCA rear-panel inputs; convenient front-panel 1/8" inputs
includes directional stands to optimize listening "sweet spot"

Professional Standards
Most small, inexpensive speakers simply don't have the design and material standards found in professional studio monitors. The StudioPro 3s change that, delivering the same M-Audio technology and attention to detail we put into our monitors used in studios around the world. The StudioPro 3s deliver a host of features not typically found in monitors priced this affordably—MDF rather than plastic cabinets, internal acoustic foam for better bass response, custom port design for optimal efficiency and more.

Stereo Auxiliary Input and Headphone Output
For maximum flexibility, we have included a stereo "Aux" input which allows you to plug in a secondary audio source (such as your portable music player) in addition to the main RCA inputs in the back.  The volume control works on both inputs simultaneously.  Additionally, there is a stereo headphone output next to the "Aux" jack that mutes the sound coming out of the speakers and redirects it to your headphones.

Natural Bass
The custom bass reflex port design discharges very low-frequency signals and delivers a smooth, substantial bass response. Need more? The rear-panel Bass Boost control gives you additional low-frequency gain and makes the monitors versatile for different spaces and listening preferences.

Speaker Stands
High-frequency audio signals tend to be fairly directional. That's why we've included stands that help point your StudioPro 3s directly at your ears for an optimal listening "sweet spot."

The StudioPro 3's enclosure plays an important role. In order to provide more stable performance, we used a special medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and unique interior reinforcement designed to absorb vibration and impact generated under extreme conditions. Additionally, our innovative cabinet includes carefully placed acoustic material that makes the StudioPro 3s sound much bigger than they are—resulting in a smooth, natural bass response.