Panasonic CJ-DA1633 Speaker

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Panasonic CJ-DA1633 Speaker

Aramid Fiber Hybrid Thin Diaphragm
Composite diaphragms made of polymer and inert filler have tended to have insufficient internal loss and exhibit sonic coloration. Now Panasonic has developed a composite of polymer and Aramid, the material used in bulletproof vests. Strong Aramid fibers absorb vibrations to give this new hybrid diaphragm about twice the internal loss of conventional composite. The result is remarkable sonic clarity and definition.

Holographic Surface Design
Holographic-like patterns of variegated colors appear on the shimmering black cone's surface, depending on your angle of view. This high-elasticity polycrystalline PP (polypropylene) diaphragm delivers the clear sounding benefits of pulp with the low-distortion of long-lasting polymer.

Discrete Edge Design
Our discrete edge design allows us to achieve the performance of a larger speaker without increasing the installation space requirements. This is achieved by positioning the surround's rolled edge inside and below the outer periphery of the cone. This extended cone design widens the effective diaphragm area by 18 percent, resulting in enhanced low-range efficiency. The extended cone also helps block spurious edge radiation which could cause distortion.

High Linearity Suspension Maintains Tight Control
To bring out the wide dynamic range of digital sources, a damper needs to be strong and resilient. Polyamide fiber has precisely these characteristics, helping to assure lively, yet accurate musical reproduction. This high-performance suspension maintains tight control throughout rapid sequences of strong transients, and faithfully tracks the rising edge of difficult-to-handle waveforms.

Type: 3-way
Size: 6 1/2"
Peak Input Power: 230W
Frequency Range: 30Hz - 50kHz
Sensitivity (S.P.L.): 91dB/W/m
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Mounting Depth: 1.909"
Magnet Weight: 10.0 oz
Typical Mounting Location: Door & rear deck
Tweeter Design: 1-3/8" titanium dome tweeter, 5/8" supertweeter
Discrete Edge Design: Yes
Holographic Surface Design: Yes
Elastomer Coated Cloth Edge: Yes
Ultra-Heat Resistant Voice Coil Bobbin: Yes
High Linearity Suspension: Yes
European Standard Frame Dimensions: Yes