Panasonic CJ-SW3003 Subwoofer

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Panasonic CJ-SW3003 Subwoofer

Wide Rubber Edge for Powerful, Accurate Bass
Now 1.5 times the size of the edge on our previous models, this wide rubber edge performs the essential task of linking the cone to the frame. Supple yet providing damping control, this wide edge is able to follow cone movement during large excursions, ensuring heart-pounding bass that's both powerful and accurate for even the most demanding bass tones.

4-Layer Voice Coil for High Power Handling
Long-throw voice coils support linear movement of the diaphragm during reproduction of large amplitude signals. Heat-resistant wire is used in a 4-layer coil winding to assure high power handling. Aluminum bobbin construction provides excellent heat dispersion characteristics so that even at the maximum rated input of 1400W, there is still a margin of reliability.

Large Dual Damper Suspension System
Since extremely large input signals may may be more than a single damper can handle, every Panasonic subwoofer is equipped with large dual dampers. Regardless of installation conditions, this robust design maintains linear cone movement during large excursions, while applying suitable damping for a controlled yet powerful bass sound.

Screw Type Terminals
Designed to permit a secure connection of heavy-duty high-performance cables, these large terminals assure high signal transmission efficiency while resisting corrosion.

Size: 12"
Peak Input Power: 1400W
Frequency Range: 18Hz - 3kHz (-10dB)
Sensitivity (S.P.L., dB/W/m): 89
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Magnet Weight: 45 oz
Mounting Depth: 5.492"
Mounting Location: trunk
Wide Rubber Edge: Yes
Cone Material: High rigidity mica/polypropylene composite oven cone and center cap
4-layer Voice Coil: Yes
Large Dual Dampers: Yes
Diaphragm with Large Center Cap: Yes
Screw-type Terminals: Yes, gold-plated
High Power Handling with minimum distortion: Yes