Panasonic SH-FX67 Wireless Rear Speaker

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Panasonic SH-FX67 Wireless Rear Speaker

Amazing Sound Without the Wires
With a conventional home theater system there are a lot of wires to worry about. To connect the rear speakers, you might have to run the cables under the carpet or along the base of the walls so people don't trip over them. And all those cables aren't very pretty to look at. You can solve this problem with the Wireless Kit for Rear Speakers. The system transmits the audio signals by radio waves, so there's no need to run cables from the main unit to the rear speakers. The signal also isn't interrupted by people walking through the room or blocked by furniture.


Power Output: 125W x 2 (1kHz, 3ohms, 10% THD)
Speaker Jack: 2
ID Set Switch: Yes
Transmission Method: Digital
Transmitter Weight (lb.): 0.04
Transmitter Dimensions (W x H x D) inches: 2-9/16" x 2-1/16" x 11/32"
Option port for Universal Dock for IPOD: No
Music Port: No
Audio Inputs: No


Type: No


Multi-Room, Multi-Source Audio: No
Voice Control: No
Color: Black
Compatible Home Theater Models: 2008 Models (SC-PT660, SC-PT760, SC-PT960, SC-BT100)