Philips SBD6030 Speaker Dock

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Philips SBD6030 Speaker Dock

Enjoy the powerful and wide sound stage of the SBD6000. The speakers and dock for iPod easily slip into your bag so that you can enjoy your music with friends wherever you are and experience amazing rich bass even at low volume.

Dynamic Bass Boost electronically enhances the low tones
Activate the Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB), and the low-end bass frequencies are electronically enhanced to achieve consistent sound reproduction, especially when the speaker volume is set at a low level. You hear impressive bass at all times.

Built-in speakers featuring XSL Acoustics for dynamic sound
Enjoy dynamic sound and powerful bass performance from your ShoqBox with XSL Acoustics. Impressive sound is produced by combining bright, brisk treble and mid range sound with elastic, powerful bass. Innovative use of high-tech materials like titanium cone and neodymium magnet deliver sound output that's nearly double the power of a traditional speaker driver of the same size. Precise tuning between the speaker driver, the small acoustic architecture and the circuitry ensures superbly dynamic sound and optimizes bass performance from the smallest sound enclosure.

Extra wide soundstage for 3-dimensional and realistic sound
These portable speakers create an extra wide stereo soundstage when they are a placed apart, so that each musical instrument appears to occupy a different physical space. The sound is more 3-dimensional and realistic.

Metal speaker grill protects speaker drivers
The metal speaker grill allows soundwaves to pass through without any loss, while protecting the speaker driver elements.

Carrying pouch protects your speakers when not in use
Look after your speaker and stop the cable getting tangled by storing it in this handy soft pouch when not in use.

Cable winding system with detachable cable for neat storage
Simply unplug the cable from the dock station and wind it around the base of each speaker. You can carry them around and store them neatly without any cable tangle.

Lightweight, portable design for music enjoyment anytime
The durable, lightweight material and design mean you can carry the speakers with you wherever you go.

Cable neatly stored when not in use
With it's unique design, cable storage is no longer an issues. Simply pack and go.

Battery or AC power option for music enjoyment anywhere
The options of battery and AC power allow the most flexiblity with your sound system. You can carry them and enjoyment music anywhere you go.

Store your receiver on the convenient docking station
The docking station provides convenient, tailor-made storage for your receiver when not in use, and on some models, it even takes care of battery charging.


Frequency response: 100 - 18 000 Hz
Impedance: 3 Ohm

Connector: iPod dedicated

Operating time: 10 hours
Power on indication: Yes
Volume control: yes

AC/DC Adaptor: Yes
Pouch: Yes

Adaptor type: 9V 1.5A
Battery type: AAA , LR03
Battery voltage: 1.5 V
Number of batteries: 6