Philips SGC5103BD Gaming PC Peripherals Premium Kit

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Philips SGC5103BD Gaming PC Peripherals Premium Kit

Discover the new way to experience the full force of PC games. Philips amBX PC gaming peripherals take the game beyond the screen. Light, sound, air and vibration synch with the game and literally bring it into the room.

Multiple RGB LEDs deliver over 16 million colors
Using 16 million colors, the synchronized lighting system intensifies the gaming experience, washing gamers' viewing space with co-ordinated lighting. The screen is no longer the barrier between gamers and the action.

Multidirectional sound with 160W music power
Multidirectional sound for added realism delivered by the powerful 2.1 sound system with a deep, rich bass and clear treble.

Up to 5000 RPM variable speed fans and rumble pad
Every impact, kick or shot is felt as gamers play with the game-activated wrist-rumble pad.Speed and movement are realistically simulated by two desk fans. Combined with the light and sound effects, it creates an incredibly intense gaming experience.

Light effects with existing games
amBX light effects with most PC games.

Light show with digital music
amBX is also about more than games. If it's time to party or unwind, the system responds to music and floods the room with a stunning coordinated light show. Alternatively consumers can change the mood of any room with a single color or series of lighting effects. Or, set their own lighting sequences with the speed, color and intensity controls in the easy-to-use interactive software.

Mood lighting
Be bold and create your own lighting creations with a palette of over 16 million colors. Create unique lighting designs that suit your mood or entertainment. Combine your lighting choice with music and you have your very own light show in the privacy of your own home.

2.1 sound system
2.1 sound system with bass boost level.

Gaming effects
Wall washer and controller: High power RGB LED array X 3, Devices inputs and outputs , Power on/off LED indicator
Right speaker light: 2 X 2' drivers, LED array X 1, Power on/off LED indicator , Light intensity control , Volume control
Left speaker light: 2 X 2' drivers, LED array X 1
Integrated sound system: 2.1 system , 160 W music power, 2 x 40W speakers 80W subwoofer , Frequency 35 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Fan: Up to 5,000 RPM 2 x 40 CFM fan , Variable speed control
Wrist rumbler: 2 Motor variable speed control
Minimum system requirements: For WindowsXP™ Service Pack 2 , Pentium 4 1.4GHz or equivalent , 512 MB memory , 150 MB free HDD space , One free USB port , Data - USB 2.0 compatible , PC audio soundcard stereo out