Pioneer S-IC651-LR In-Ceiling Speaker

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Pioneer S-IC651-LR In-Ceiling Speaker

Speaker Features

* Coherent Source Transducer (CST) Technology
* 1.5" Aluminum Tweeter
* 6.5" Mica-Filled IMPP Woofer
* Treble and Bass Contour Controls
* Phase Control Design
* Thermal Resetting Protection Circuit
* 8 Ohm Impedance
* 120 Watt Power Handling

Incorporation of Pioneer's newly designed CST driver technology inspired by our award-winning professional and EX Series products. Using this driver technology, installation professionals will benefit from a wider "sweet spot" and more uniform room coverage for both home theater and background listening applications

The two-way, full-range designs are outfitted with high grade materials including a Mica-filled IMPP woofer cone and a 1.5" aluminum tweeter which allow the speaker to output frequencies up to 40kHz in order to more accurately reproduce the next generation lossless audio formats

Treble and bass contour controls allow installation professionals to customize the listening experience for their customers and their environment

With internal Thermal Resetting Protection Circuitry these models offer greater reliability and reduce the need for return visits to replace damaged speakers

A dependable 8-Ohm impedance rating helps ensure stable loads are placed on amplification sources in single- or multi-zone applications

Fitted to match its premium audio and video products, Pioneer developed the CST speaker line to bring consumers that much closer to the ultimate home entertainment experience

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