Pioneer S-IC691A Reference Standard In-Ceiling CST Speaker

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Pioneer S-IC691A Reference Standard In-Ceiling CST Speaker

Speaker Features

* Coherent Source Transducer (CST) Technology
* Three-Way Design
* 1 3/16" Ceramic Graphite Tweeter
* 5 1/2" Magnesium Midrange
* 6 1/2" Aramid/Carbon Composite Shell Woofer
* Laminated MDF Baffle
* Treble Contour Control
* Phase Control Design
* Angled Configuration for Home Cinema
* Designed to Integrate with Floor-Standing EX Models

Coherent Source Transducer (CST) driver technology ensures direct and reflected sounds arrive at the listening position with matched timbre, resulting in extremely smooth, coherent sound while simultaneously optimizing the issues of phase and off-axis frequency response. The result is a more accurate and wide-ranging "sweet spot" for home cinema and 2-channel audiences

Each model is constructed from hand-picked materials including a 1-3/16" ceramic graphite tweeter, 5-1/2" magnesium midrange, woven aramid fiber woofer and laminated MDF baffle which command no-compromise performance and faithful reproduction of the most demanding audio sources up to 100kHz

EX Series bass driver designs incorporate a cast chassis, large diameter voice coil, corrugated surround, and proprietary LDMC magnetic circuit all of which ensure stable, ultra linear movement with minimal distortion for accurate low frequency response

Enhanced tonal balance adjustments can be made via a treble contour control, which allow installation professionals to adjust high frequency output for superior customization options to better suit their client's preferences

Innovative angled in-ceiling design provides added installation flexibility for both front and surround channel applications, including a complete in-ceiling cinema configuration

Designed to complement our floor-standing models, this new line delivers a reference class in-wall experience that significantly excels in form, function and application flexibility

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