Pioneer S-IC821D In-Ceiling Dual Voice Coil Speaker

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Pioneer S-IC821D In-Ceiling Dual Voice Coil Speaker

Speaker Features

* 1" Pivoting PEI Tweeter (x2)
* 8" Polypropylene Woofer
* Two-Position Treble Contour Control
* Phase Control Design
* Thermal Resetting Protection Circuit
* 8+8 Ohm Impedance
* Humidity Resistant

Features a humidity resistant dual voice coil design which provides single-point stereo performance for music whether in a bathroom, a hallway or kitchen making these ideal for those who want additional sound capabilities for entertaining or whole-house listening.

8+8 Ohm impedance rating for added peace of mind when partnering with amplification in single- or multi-zone applications.

These models offer treble contour control capabilities to tailor high frequency output to a clients tastes or room environment.

With internal Thermal Resetting Protection Circuitry these models offer greater reliability and reduce the need for return visits to replace damaged speakers.

When working in concert with its category-leading lines of audio and video products, this new Pioneer line-up offers a home entertainment experience currently unmatched by any one, single manufacturer.

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