Pioneer S-LX70 Plasma-Centric Speaker System

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Pioneer S-LX70 Plasma-Centric Speaker System

S-LX70-LR / S-LX70-C

* EX Speaker Series-derived High Quality Construction
- Woven Aramid Fiber Cone
- Powerful Neodymium Magnets
- Corrugated Woofer Surround
* Non-Paralleled Enclosure to reduce internal standing waves within cabinet for improved sound performance and minimized coloration
* New Wave Guide Technology minimizes diffraction for improved sound performance over multiple listening positions
* Flexible Speaker Configurations
- Wall-mounted
- Floor-standing (speaker stands sold separately)
- Table-top (table-top stands sold separately)
* 2.1 to 5.1 Channel Expansion Capability

S-LX70-W Subwoofer

* EX Speaker-derived Technologies
- Linear Drive Magnetic Circuit (LDMC) Technology
- Newly Developed Amplifier Technologies
- Digital Amplifier with Built-in DSP
* Phase Control bass management system ensures precision low frequency output

S-LX70-LR/S-LX70-C Specifications

* Cabinet
- Aluminum extrusion cabinet
- Black Acrylic front flange
* Finish
- Glossy Black finish
- Designed to Match the KURO's Flat Panel Finish
* Tweeter
- 2.5 cm Titanium Wide Range Tweeter (-50 KHz)
- Newly Developed Wave Guide Director
* Woofer
- 2 x 13 cm EX-derived Slim Cone Woofers
* Phase Control Design

S-LX70-W Specifications

* Cabinet
- Ultra Rigid Construction
* Finish
- Glossy Black Finish
* Driver
- 30 cm Bass Driver (Approx. 12" )
- 65 mm Diameter Long Voice Coil
- High Linearity Magnetic Circuit
* Phase Control Design
* Amplifier
- 300 Watts RMS Digital Amplifier

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