Pioneer TL-1601a TAD Loudspeaker

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Pioneer TL-1601a TAD Loudspeaker

The TL-1601a is a low-frequency loudspeaker conforming to the very highest technical standards. It is specifically designed to reduce all forms of distortion and coloration to a bare minimum.

The TL-1601a employs an edgewise-wound long-travel type voice coil. Since the coil stays completely within the magnetic gap even during peak excursions, bass output is powerful, and distortion low, at all input levels. And since the coil makes more effective use of the flux within the magnetic gap, it provides high conversion efficiency. The voice coil bobbin and adhesive materials have high heat resistance.

The magnetic circuit is designed for low distortion and high efficiency. Thanks to the use of a powerful alnico ring magnet (3 lbs. 10 oz, or 1.65kg), it features an extremely high flux density of 11,800G. In combination with light moving parts and the long-travel coil, it results in exceptionally high efficiency for a unit of this size.

The cone diaphragm of the TL-1601a is made of a newly-developed tough and lightweight material that is capable of withstanding high amplitude levels without deformation.

Corrugations are added across the cone surface to assure smooth response down to the extreme low end. The surround is coated with a damping material to ensure proper internal loss and linear excursions, and to reduce cone breakup in the high frequencies. The result is extremely low distortion and coloration.

The TL-1601a is mounted in a sturdy aluminum alloy diecast frame that supports the heavy magnetic circuit. The frame is essentially resonance-free.


Voice coil impedance: 8 ohms.
Lowest resonance frequency (fo): 28Hz.
frequency range: 28 - 1,000Hz.
Rated input power: 150 watts.
Maximum input power: 300 watts.
Sound pressure level: 97dB/W (1m).
Equivalent mass (infinite baffle): 4.1 oz./117g.
Qo: 0.31.
Total magnetic flux: 260,000 maxwells.
Magnetic flux density: 11,800 gauss.
Baffle opening: 13-7/8 inches/352mm.
Mounting dimensions: 14-9/16 inches/370mm (8 holes).
Weight: 24 lbs. 4 oz./11kg.
Outer dimensions (diameter x depth): 15-3/4 x 6-9/16 inches/400 x 167mm.

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