Pioneer TL-1601b TAD Loudspeaker

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Pioneer TL-1601b TAD Loudspeaker

The TL-1601b has many of the traits of the TL-1601b -such as low distortion and low coloration. But it has the added advantage of an eminently high input power of 500 watts. The unit is designed for professional applications including digital-recording monitoring systems and sound reinforcement systems for synthesizer music.

To increase the input power the unit can handle, the bobbin for the voice coil has ventilation holes which help efficiently dissipate heat. The voice coil is a long-travel type to improve sensitivity and enable a high sound pressure level of 97.5dB/m (1W). Pure, straightforward sound is assured thanks to the use of super-low-impedance OFC (Oxygen-free Copper) wire for leads.

Holes in the frame's opening and the magnetic circuit serve to disperse heat quickly, boosting the unit's maximum input power to 500 watts. High-quality magnetic material is used in the circuit to permit high magnetic flux density of 12,400G, and to increase the sound pressure level.

A rugged yet lightweight cone diaphragm is supported by a corrugated cloth surround coated with special damping agent and suspended by a highly linear suspension system. The result is high sensitivity, low distortion and uncolored sound reproduction.

A highly rigid die-cast aluminum frame minimizes resonance and vibration. Terminals are rugged binding types that allow the use of thick speaker cables.


Voice coil impedance: 8 ohms.
Lowest resonance frequency (fo): 28Hz.
Frequency range: 28 - 1,000Hz.
Rated input power: 500 watts.
Maximum input power: 500 watts.
Sound pressure level: 97.5dB/W (1m).
Equivalent mass (infinite baffle): 4.1 oz./ll7g.
Qo: 0.31 (fo = 28Hz).
Total magnetic flux: 277,000 maxwells.
Magnetic flux density: 12,400 gauss.
Baffle opening (diameter): 13-7/8 inches/352mm.
Mounting dimensions (diameter): 14-9/16 inches/370mm.
Weight: 24 lbs. 8 oz./11kg.
Outer dimensions (diameter x depth): 15-3/4 x 6-9/16 inches/400 x 167mm.

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