Pioneer TS-CX7 Center Channel Speaker

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Pioneer TS-CX7 Center Channel Speaker

2-1/4" Full Range Center Channel Speaker with 60 Watts maxmimum power handling. High sound quality design includes a Kevlar® Brand Fiber Composite Cone, Butyl Rubber Surround, and dual Neodymium magnets.

Recommended for use with Multi-Channel Surround systems, including the Pioneer AVH-P7800DVD, AVH-P7600DVD, AVH-P7500DVD, DEQ-P8000 and DEQ-P7000.

Sealed enclosure design for easy installation, typically on the vehicle dashboard.


* 2-1/4" Full Range Speaker
* Kevlar® Brand Fiber Composite Cone
* Butyl Rubber Surround
* Dual Magnetically Shielded Neodymium Magnets with Single Gap Structure Design
* Glass-Imide Voice Coil Bobbin
* Sealed Enclosure with Mounting Hardware Included


* 60 Watts Max. Music Power
* Sensitivity: 80dB (1W/1m)
* Frequency Response: 140Hz ~ 30kHz
* 4Ω Rated

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