Pioneer TS-W1208D2|D4 Premier Champion Subwoofer

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Pioneer TS-W1208D2|D4 Premier Champion Subwoofer

Premier 12" Champion Series Subwoofer with 1500 Watts Max. Power (400 Watts Nominal)

* Interlaced Basalt/Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone
* Integrated Single Sided Silver Binding Posts
* Recommended Enclosure: 0.85 to 1.75 Cubic Feet

Introducing our new Premier® Champion Series Subwoofers which feature an all-new design and look.
Both subwoofers have a maximum power output of 1,500 watts. You now have a choice to select from either a Dual-Voice Coil 2-ohm or 4-ohm subwoofer:

* TS-W1208D2: Dual 2 ohm, 4 Layer, Long Coil (2 ohm x or 2 ohm)
* TS-W1208D4: Dual 4 ohm, 4 Layer, Long Coil (4 ohm x or 2 ohm)

The Premier TS-W1208D2/4 subwoofers are designed to produce enormously powerful music. Just take a look at its super-heavy-duty construction, all designed to handle up to 1,500 watts max. Double-stacked magnets for higher power, and a step-up radial surround for superior control and long excursions. We used a constructed  cast-aluminum basket for this sub.

Double-Stack Magnet
To produce the tremendous magnetic energy we envisioned for this sub, we employed double-stacked magnets, weighing a hefty 83 oz. This design ensures positive, powerful control of the voice coil during those long excursions.

Wide-Roll 3-Layer Fiber Radial Surround
A sub's surround plays a key role in a speaker's performance. In order for bass response to be clear and tight, the surround has to respond evenly around its entire circumference without flexing or puckering, even at high volume levels. That's why Pioneer created a surround consisting of two layers of urethane with a layer of interwoven fiber between them. It's strong, stable, and it reduces distortion. In addition, the wider-than-normal design provides a long, linear excursion for excellent control and heavy-duty durability.

Interlaced Basalt/Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone
To ensure that you get more natural bass, we've incorporated out new Basalt fiber technology into our shallow subwoofers. The volcanic-rock fibers create a cone that is lightweight, rigid, well damped, stable in temperature extremes, and more environmentally friendly. In short, this bass really rocks.

Dual Voice Coil
TS-W1208D2/4 provides two voice coils, each either at dual 2 or dual 4 ohms. So you can use a low-impedance amp to produce much bigger, much more powerful bass. More options, more power: that's what DVC is all about. The Bridging Adapter is included for an easy Single Voice Coil hookup. It becomes a Single 4 Ohm or Single 8 Ohm with Bridging Adapter for ultimate flexibility for use with modern mono amplifiers

Add Newly Designed Spoke Grilles
We also recommend covering up your subwoofer with the UD-G308 . This stylish spoke grille is a must add-on when building a system and gives the look of pure professionalism.

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