Polk Audio Atrium 55 All-Weather Speakers

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Polk Audio Atrium 55 All-Weather Speakers

The Atrium 55 Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeaker is the ultimate in flexibility, reliability and high fidelity sound quality for the great outdoors. The Atrium 55 gives you the freedom to put speakers anywhere you want high performance sound. The kitchen, the den, the guestroom, the patio or pool, even the backyard BBQ pit.

Sure, there are lots of "outdoor" speakers out there. But look at the fine print. Many of them are suitable only for placement in sheltered locations. The rugged Atrium 55 meets or exceeds stringent industry and military specifications for full exposure to the elements for years of reliable high performance sound anywhere in and around your home.

Incredible sound... anywhere you want it, with the versatile Polk Audio Atrium Series of Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers.

* All hardware is either stainless steel or brass for years of rustproof reliability
* Meets or exceeds ASTM D5894-UV Salt Fog, Mil standard 810 Immersion and Mil standard 883 Method 1009 8 for salt and corrosion tests
* Rustproof aluminum bracket allows multiple mounting options and full 90 degree rotation: aim them to deliver the best possible sound in a variety of locations
* Rustproof aluminum grille has 55% open area for superior sound quality
* Sculpted front baffle and rounded enclosure minimize diffraction (sound reflecting off of hard edges) for more open and lifelike imaging
* Available in either black or white
* White version may be painted to match any house or trim color or paint them green to blend in with your foliage
* 5-1/4" (13.3cm)long throw Polymer cone driver with butyl rubber suspension pumps out amazing bass response
* 1" (25mm) dome tweeter with neodymium magnet broadly distributes high frequencies to cover a large area with high fidelity sound