Polk Audio CSW200 Subwoofer

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Polk Audio CSW200 Subwoofer

The subwoofer for maximum built-in bass output.

The CSW200 is designed for in-floor or in-ceiling placement. It fits comfortably between standard joists and the narrower QuietFloor spacing. Once installed, all you see is a 12 inch x 12 inch grille (optional). Visitors to your home will think they're seeing an air return vent and they'll wonder where all that awesome bass is coming from.

* The perfect choice when you want no-compromise bass performance teamed with near-invisibilty.
* Long throw 10 inch subwoofer driver
* Rigidly braced MDF vented enclosure construction for resonance and rattle-free performance
* Slot load bass venting—produce a gutsy, driving bass that other similarly sized built-ins can't equal.
* Speaker inputs on both the top and bottom of the enclosure to make wiring easier.
* Requires SWA500, a 500 Watt Digital amplifier specifically engineered to get the best performance from CSW Series built-in Subwoofers ($700 MSRP).
* All mounting hardware and anti-rattle isolation pads included.
* CSW200 Opening Dimensions are 12"H x 12"W (30.48cm H x 30.48cm W)
* Recommended Standard Air Vent Grille Dimensions are 12"H x 12"W (30.48cm H x 30.48cm W) or 10"H x 10"W (25.4cm H x 25.4cm W) or 8"H x 14"W (20.32cm H x 35.56cm W)

Driver Complement
Subwoofer: 1 - 10" Diameter (25.40cm) Fiber cone, long throw subwoofer
Loud & Low Specs(CEA2010)
Low: 121.2 db
Ultra: 109.6 db

Overall Frequency Response: 22Hz-140Hz
Lower -3dB Limit: 28Hz
Upper -3dB Limit: 120Hz
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

Size: 34-1/8" H x 13" W (86.68cm H x 33.02cm W)
Overall Depth: 9" (22.86cm)