Polk Audio DSW micro PRO 1000 Subwoofer

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Polk Audio DSW micro PRO 1000 Subwoofer

The "no frills" version of the DSWmicroPRO 2000, DSWmicroPRO 1000 does not have AutoPRO, glossy cabinet, IR or 12 volt input. But it keeps 100% of the sound quality and performance. You'll be amazed of the quality of bass from this virtually invisible cube.

Who should listen to the Polk DSWmicroPRO series? Anyone looking for a large quantity AND quality of bass, from a compact enclosure. DSWmicroPRO is suitable for any genre of music, and any style of movie. It works great for video games too.

A unique inverted dustcap design gives the woofer an elegant look while eliminating the need for a grille. All these features add up for stellar subwoofer performance from a compact enclosure that can be hidden just about anywhere.

Other advanced DSWmicroPRO features include:

* Remote Control allows adjustment of subwoofer functions at your finger tips. No more getting up and sitting down to adjust the volume.
* Power Management Options The subwoofer can be turned on and off via automatic signal sensing on/off and remote control.
* Cabinet Beautifully styled, extensively braced with an extremely thick 1" MDF front baffle. The MicroPro cabinet not only looks great but is structurally sound. The subwoofers stand on firm rubber feet so they won't go sliding across the floor at high volume.
* Quadrilateral Bass Radiator the quadrilateral design offers more radiating area then a round design. This is the magic behind the subwoofer's ability to play so low, while maintaining a compact size. For a more detailed explanation on the science behind fluid coupled radiators, click here!
* Advanced Digital Amplifier allows for high efficiency, bullet proof reliability and minimal heat generation. Each model has 1200 watts of continuous power on tap. That's over 1.5 horsepower! It can deliver 2400 watts peak!
* Feedforward Distortion Supression Technology minimizes distortion while maximizing acoustic output- the best of both worlds. For a more detailed explaination on how it works, click here!
* Subwoofer Driver Design & Technology The robust woofer is the powerhouse behind the subwoofer and borrows a host of innovative technology from our top of the line Signature Reference Mobile Series.
o Basket is cast alumnium instead of inferior stamped steel as seen on cheaper designs. What this means for you is an extremely rigid frame that will not flex when handling the 1200 watt amplifier. Special vents in the basket allow air circulation to keep the voice coil cool.
o Cone features an inverted dustcap and surround provide extreme stiffness. For further cone rigidity, it's attached to the woofer's drive mechanism via 4.5" diameter ABS Cone coupler. The inverted woofer cone matches the finish of the cabinet and eliminates the need for any grille. The DSWmicroPRO 1000's enclosure is finished in satin black.
o Magnets Double stacked magnets weigh 13 lbs giving the woofer incredible power, maximizing the magnetic strength of the woofer's drive mechanism.
o Surround & Spiders Inverted rubber surround controls the woofer and allows incredible travel and will not break down, even after relentless pounding. Dual progressive roll spiders on both the woofer and passive radiator allow linear woofer control even at maximum volumes.