Polk Audio LSiFX Surround Loudspeakers

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Polk Audio LSiFX Surround Loudspeakers

The LSiF/X is the perfect complement to the line of ultra high performance Polk Audio LSi front main bookshelf and floorstanding loudspeakers. With them, you can build the ultimate Polk Audio multi-channel music and cinema sound system.

To get exceptional lifelike performance from your multi-channel audio system, you need a Center Channel Speaker and Surround Speakers with the same sonic characteristics as the rest of your speakers. The Aerated Polypropylene Cones and Ring Radiator Tweeters in the LSiF/X Speakers are the same components used throughout the LSi Series. This produces a seamless front stage and lifelike surround environment.

LSiF/X Surround F/X Speakers envelop you in sound. They are built especially for today's discrete multi-channel digital formats, timbre matched with the complete LSi Series for an utterly realistic surround experience. Switchable Bipole/Dipole operation gives you more performance and placement flexibility.

The LSi Series from Polk Audio is the new standard in affordable loudspeakers for serious listening. The Evolution of the Polk Sound.

* Superior accuracy and theatrical impact for the most sophisticated multi-channel systems.
* Designed for high definition formats such as SACD and DVD-Audio.
* (2) 5 1/4" Dynamic Balance drivers with Aerated Polypropylene cones for wide response and low distortion.
* Cast aluminum driver baskets resist flexing and "ringing" for ultra-tight bass and coloration-free midrange.
* Ultra high performance Ring Radiator tweeters, rare in speakers at this price, for extended frequency response, low distortion, excellent dynamics, and superior detail and transparency.
* Timbre-matched with the LSi Series, for a seamless, realistic surround sound experience.
* Switchable Dipole/Bipole operation for the greatest placement flexibility.
* Surprisingly deep bass response: dual rear-firing PowerPorts® built into the back plate provide distortion-free bass and double as convenient wall mounting brackets.
* Extended bass response assures optimum performance in discrete channel Dolby Digital and DTS surround systems.
* Acoustic Resonance Control (ARC) Port System reduces unwanted internal enclosure resonance for utterly clear midrange reproduction.
* Premium crossover components for consistent high-end sound quality.
* Mylar bypass capacitor in the high-pass crossover extends and flattens high frequency response. Hear musical details you've never heard before!
* Open architecture low diffraction grille for spacious imaging.
* Dual (bi-ampable) gold plated 5-way binding post inputs for the most secure wire connections and the most versatile wiring applications.
* Rich high gloss Black finish.