Polk Audio M20 Floor-standing Loudspeaker

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Polk Audio M20 Floor-standing Loudspeaker

Building incredible-sounding speakers at reasonable prices has made Polk Audio a powerhouse in the audio industry. The M20 model continue the Polk tradition of using high quality materials and excellent fundamental engineering to deliver exceptional sound at an exceptional value.

M20 loudspeakers are perfect for building starter systems, or for small room or multi-room applications. With the addition of a PSW Series powered subwoofer, you can assemble an impressive home theater system on a budget. Use them as surrounds in a den or bedroom system. Wall mount them in your workshop or basement rumpus room for "industrial strength" durability and great sound.

The M20Features:

* Superior home theater and music performance.
* Slim tower design conserves floor space, occupies less than one square foot.
* Polk Audio's exclusive Dynamic Balance drivers and tweeters for wide response and low distortion.
* Wide dispersion drivers and tweeters project sound over a wide area so every listener in a room hears open, "box-less," three-dimensional sound.
* Front-firing bass port for high efficiency and powerful bass response.
* Carpet spikes ensure mechanical stability on carpeted floors for precise bass response and superior imaging.
* High efficiency design allows them to be driven by unpretentious amplifiers and receivers, revealing that classic Polk sound...open, spacious and clear.
* Magnetically shielded for safe placement near TVs and computer monitors.
* 5-way binding posts provide a wide array of secure wire-hook up options.

With a minimum of fuss and expense, the M20 speakers ably reproduce accurate sound with impressive volume, in attractive, solidly built cabinets finished in basic black.