Roland AC-100 Acoustic Chorus

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Roland AC-100 Acoustic Chorus

This incredible amp is setting the standard for acoustic guitar amplification with its unique tri-amped, three-speaker system. Exceptional sound quality and the acclaimed Roland chorus effects make the AC-100 the choice for acoustic performers.

* 100 watt, tri-amped configuration: 50W x 25W x 25W
* Two-way, three-speaker system: one 12" and two 5" speakers
* Two independent channels, each with three-band EQ and effects control
* Mic level XLR input for vocal accompaniment or guitar without pickup
* Built-in notch-filter for eliminating feedback and howling


- 100W (25W + 25W + 50W)
- 5" (12 cm) x 2, 12" (30 cm) x 1
- Input (Hi/Piezo, Low/Active [Guitar Channel], XLR, Headphones [Mic/Aux channel] )
- Line Out (XLR [A, B], Phones [A, B] )
- Effects (Send, Return)
- Footswitches (Reverb, Chorus)
Power Consumption
- 102W (AC 117/230/240 V)