Roland BC-60/310 BluesCube

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Roland BC-60/310 BluesCube

The BC-60/310 BluesCube™ offers any guitarist true vintage sound at an affordable price. Like the popular BC-60, this full-featured amplifier is the result of extensive analysis of vintage amp sounds from American tweeds to British stacks. And where the original BC-60 features a 12-inch speaker, the BC-60/310 comes with three heavy-duty 10-inch speakers for that undeniably classic sound.

* Tube Logic technology for realistic vintage sound with enhanced reliability
* 75 watts RMS
* Three heavy-duty 10" speakers
* Normal/Lead channels
* Crunch and Boost switches for screaming high-gain tones
* Three-band Tone control plus independent Presence control
* Rectifex circuit emulates two different types of power amp rectifiers
* U.S.-made Acutronics three-spring reverb
* Built-in effects loop switchable between line/pedal levels
* Designed and assembled in the U.S.A.