Roland BC-60 BluesCube

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Roland BC-60 BluesCube

The BC-60 BluesCube™ amplifier uses proprietary Tube Logic technology to give guitarists true vintage sound at an affordable price. This full-featured amplifier is the result of extensive analysis of vintage amp sounds from American tweeds to British stacks. The warm tones, powerful crunch and sweet sustains are perfect for everything from the blues and jazz to rock-n-roll and country.

* Tube Logic technology for realistic vintage sound and unsurpassed reliability
* 60 watts RMS
* Heavy-duty 12" speaker based on vintage "greenbacks"
* Normal/Lead channels
* Crunch and Boost switches for screaming high-gain tones
* Three-band Tone control plus independent Presence control
* Rectifex circuit emulates two different types of power amp rectifiers
* U.S.-made Accutronics three-spring reverb
* Built-in effects loop switchable between line/pedal levels
* Designed and assembled in the U.S.A.