Roland DB-500 D-Bass Amplifier

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Roland DB-500 D-Bass Amplifier

The DB-500 D-Bass™ Amplifier uses proprietary Feed Forward Processing (FFP) to maximize output and responsiveness and deliver a sound surpassing amps weighing and costing much more. With its programmable digital memories and very flexible COSM® preamp section, the DB-500 is one of the most versatile bass amps ever created.

* Digital modeling bass amplifier with Feed Forward Processing (FFP) technology for rich, powerful output
* COSM modeling of Solid State, Tube and Tube Drive amps and Compression effects
* Split-frequency D-Chorus effect with dynamics sensitivity
* Shape controls specifically tailored to bass guitar
* 2 programmable memories for instant recall via footswitch
* 160W total output power w/ 12" speaker and horn tweeter
* Built-in DI with XLR and 1/4" outputs
* Simple operation via knob-based controls

A Digitally Controlled Bass Amp
Thanks to Roland's proprietary Feed Forward Processing, the DB-500 is easily the most responsive,interactive bass amplifier ever developed. Put simply, FFP technology allows the digitally controlled DB-500 to precisely predict and adjust the response characteristics of amplifier and speaker output before the bass signal reaches them. This ability to "sense" incoming signals and adjust for them in advance greatly mproves the DB-500's efficiency, allowing it to use a single 12-inch speaker and precision tweeter, yet produce a clear, responsive, and very powerful-sounding output far beyond its conservative 160-watt rating. Comparing the sound of the innovative DB-500 to conventional bass amps of greater size and weight will easily prove the power of FFP technology.

A Variety of Amp Sounds and Colors
Thanks to Roland's proprietary COSM technology—the same modeling technology behind the legendary VG-8 V-Guitar System—the DB-500 can faithfully emulate the sounds of classic Solid State, Tube and Tube Drive bass amplifiers with the turn of a knob. These sonic "models" cover every nuance of the modeled amp type, yielding some truly impressive results. What's more, the DB-500 even includes newly developed COSM-based compression effects, which emulate the natural compression characteristics of tube amps, as well as specially tuned splitfrequency "D-Chorus" processing—adding lush dynamics- sensitive chorus to the high-end without muddying up the fat, punchy lows. And when users have dialed in to a sound they like, it can be stored into A and B memories for instant recall via footswitch.

Easy-to-Use Controls
Though it incorporates some very sophisticated processing technology, the DB-500 is controlled much like a conventional bass amp. Three-band EQ with a semi-parametric midrange allows for tonal shaping. A Shape button tightens up the sound for popping or slapping. Onboard D-Chorus and Compression can be adjusted via knobs. Straightforward level controls include Preamp Gain and Volume and a Master Volume knob. Inputs include High and Low jacks, while outputs include an XLR-type Direct Out and Line Out, Insert (Send and Return) jacks, a Headphone jack, plus a Footswitch jack for control of A/B memory, Manual mode and D-Chorus.