Roland DS-5 Bi-Amp Monitor

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Roland DS-5 Bi-Amp Monitor

The DS-8/-7/-5 are Roland's flagship two-way active digital reference monitors, offering superb sound quality with precise imaging and low coloration. They are ideally suited for critical listening in professional, project and home studios, fixed and mobile broadcast facilities or any other recording environment where professional sound quality and accuracy are essential during playback.

* Superb sound quality with balanced energy output for critical listening.
* Newly designed cabinet with bi-amplified circuit that produces no out of phase characteristics.
* 24-bit digital input with up to 192 kHz sampling rate.
* XLR, coaxial and optical digital inputs that match AES/EBU and S/PDIF format.
* Compact design, with three models to fit a variety of mixing environments.
* Newly designed Heat Sink and front panel Power Switch, fully compatible to new IEC60065 safety standards.

Accurate Monitoring For A True Mix
Each of the DS-Series monitors exhibit excellent stereo imaging and a consistent "flat" frequency response in near field listening environments. The 24-bit, up to 192 kHz digital specification produces a smooth response for less chance of ear fatigue during extended critical listening sessions. The result is a rich sound field with a desirable fully spatial characteristic.

Perfect Partners
There are three DS-Series models, designed to fit into a variety of recording environments, from project to professional studios. The DS-5 is a 45-watt, 5-inch two-way system; the DS-7 is a 60-watt 6.5-inch two-way system; and the DS-8 is a 120-watt, 8-inch two-way system. Each model features XLR inputs for AES/EBU compatibility and digital jacks for integration into digital recording and workstation environments such as Roland's VS Series Digital Workstations.

Efficient Power with a New Cabinet Design
The DS-Series' efficient heat sink power amplifier is fully compatible with new IEC60065 safety standards. The power switch is built into the front panel for optimum convenience. A newly designed shielded cabinet helps eliminate interference in TV, radio and other recording environments where speakers are placed in close proximity to video monitors and computer screens.