Roland DS-50A Powered Monitor

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Roland DS-50A Powered Monitor

With the DS-50A's, Roland brings 24-bit digital nearfield monitoring and COSM® Speaker Modeling within reach of all musicians and project studios. Featuring a 50W, bi-amp design with active crossover and 24-bit/96kHz digital input, these digital monitors eliminate the noise and hum problems associated with analog cabling while delivering ultra-flat response at an affordable price.

* Compact nearfield monitors with built-in bi-amplifier design and flat frequency response
* 24-bit/96kHz digital input eliminates hum and loss from analog cables
* Compatible with COSM Speaker Modeling found in select Roland V-Studios and V-Mixers
* 50W bi-amplifier design with active crossover for maximum clarity
* High-quality 5" woofer and 3/4" soft dome tweeter perfectly match cabinet design
* Adjustable Input, Low Frequency, and High Frequency levels
* Includes analog balanced XLR connections and TRS 1/4" input
* Magnetically shielded for placement near computer monitors

24-bit/96kHz Digital Input for Noiseless Mixing
Built using the same premium components of Roland's DS-90A 24-bit Digital Reference Monitors, the affordable DS-50A's offer a high-quality 24-bit digital input with up to 96kHz capability. Simply connect the DS-50A's to the digital output of your V-Studio, V-Mixer, or computer sound card, and mix your music in an all-digital environment without the added noise inherent in analog cabling.

Powerful 50-Watt, Bi-Amplified Design
The DS-50A's utilize a two-way, bi-amplified speaker design with 50W total power. An active crossover distributes 30W to the 5-inch polypropylene woofer and 20W to the 3.25-inch soft dome tweeter. Combined with a specially designed bass-reflex cabinet, the DS-50A's deliver Roland's exceptional flat frequency response with minimal phase shifts and distortion, while remaining surprisingly powerful for their compact design.