Roland KC-500 Keyboard Amplifier

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Roland KC-500 Keyboard Amplifier

This full bandwidth, versatile amplifier integrates a 150-watt amplifier with a two-way speaker system and a four stereo input mixer. Designed for hi-fi sound quality and flat frequency response, the KC-500 is great for both keyboards and even small PA applications. Channel four offers assignable output click monitoring. Two KC-500s can be easily linked for stereo sound.

* 150 watts RMS; 15" full-range speaker; 2" horn driver

* Four channel mixer; stereo input per channel; XLR and 1/4" stereo output

* Stereo inputs can be used as mono for up to eight instruments

* Assignable output from channel four - line out, speaker out, headphone out

* Stereo Link In/Out for chaining two KC-500s for stereo stage sound