Roland RSM-90 Studio Monitor

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Roland RSM-90 Studio Monitor

The RSM-90 Studio Monitor is a two-way nearfield monitor with proprietary crossover circuitry and front-firing dual bass ports for phase-correct imaging and ultra-flat frequency response. Its incredible sound and affordability make it the perfect choice for recording studios, multimedia applications, home theater and more.

* Two-way nearfield monitor for recording studios, post-production, multimedia and home theater applications
* Proprietary crossover circuitry provides phase-correct imaging
* Front-firing dual bass ports allow for positioning near walls
* Bi-wiring connection system with gold-plated binding posts
* 6.5" foamed polypropylene LF driver and 1" soft dome HF driver
* Magnetically shielded for placement near computer monitors
* Accepts up to 270W input power

Unique Crossover Design
Unlike typical passive monitors, the new RSM-90 Studio Monitor incorporates custom crossover circuitry with advanced 2nd order filtering for phase-correct stereo imaging and exceptionally flat frequency response. Front-firing dual bass ports permit placement near walls.

High Output Capacity
Ideal for nearfield monitoring, home theatres, and multimedia presentations, the passive RSM-90's can handle up to 270W of peak input power. When combined with a high-quality power amplifier, these monitors can deliver the full-range sound needed for professional studios and surround applications.

Bi-wiring Connection
For maximum clarity, the RSM-90's feature individual amp terminals for the woofer and tweeter. This bi-wiring connection system uses gold-plated binding posts for superior sound quality not possible with traditional single-wired systems.