Sennheiser Audiobeam Directional Loudspeaker

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Sennheiser Audiobeam Directional Loudspeaker

AudioBeam is a new type of directional loudspeaker that is able to focus sound like the light beam of a torch, creating an audio spotlight for museums, exhibitions, theme parks and many other applications. Unlike conventional loudspeakers, which are only able to focus sound at high frequencies, AudioBeam emits sound as a lobe that can be precisely directed and is reflected by objects.

AudioBeam works with ultra-sound, modulating the audible sound onto an ultrasonic carrier frequency, much like a radio station does, and then emitting this signal via 150 special piezoelectric pressure transducers. Audible sound is only generated at a distance from the AudioBeam, when the signal is demodulated because of the non-linearity of air. This can be imagined like the creation of many small, virtual loudspeakers in the ultrasonic zone.

No sound is audible beside or behind an AudioBeam — you will only hear the audio information if you are directly within the sound beam, or if the sound is reflected by a smooth surface. This makes AudioBeam an ideal tool for information terminals, exhibitions, or even conferences where various AudioBeams emit several languages to a defined part of the auditorium.

AudioBeam is suited to a wide variety of applications:

For theme parks and exhibitions
AudioBeam is an ideal tool for theme parks where it creates amazing effects with moving sound when combined with a small stepper motor. In an exhibition, AudioBeam will give explanations on an exhibit, which are only audible within a defined area. When mounted opposite an exhibit, the work of art will seem to "talk" to the visitors, as the ultrasonic beam is reflected by smooth surfaces.

For the PC
PC users can forget all about headphones. AudioBeam is their personal loudspeaker - without disturbing others in the office.

Automatic machines with voice function
A very discreet way of addressing customers: the sound will only reach the person directly in front of the machine.

In safety areas
AudioBeam can be used to directly address an individual person within a safety area - putting them in an audio spotlight.

Technical Data

Modulation: wideband AM
Carrier frequencies: 40 kHz
Audio input: XLR-3F-Buchse, symmetrisch, galvan. getrennt
Sound pressure level (SPL): 75 dB ±5 dB
Voltage: Schaltnetzteil 110 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz max..100 W
Dimensions: 264 x 82 x 320 mm
Weight: 3.100 g