Sony AIR-SA50R High-Output Premium Speaker

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Sony AIR-SA50R High-Output Premium Speaker

Designed specifically for use with Sony S-AIR wireless transmitters, the AIR-SA50R high-output premium speaker is the perfect solution for expanding your existing multi-room music system to additional rooms. This speaker comes with a wireless remote control and features a clock and alarm, audio-in, plus a bright fluorescent display to view track information.

High quality sound
Enjoy superb sound quality from this high-output premium speaker when paired with an S-AIR digital wireless transmitter (sold separately).

LCD display
View unit functions and song information on the LCD display.

Touch sensor key operation
Gently touch the sensor keys on the premium speaker for easy operation. Adding to the unique design, touch sensors illuminate to confirm response.

Added versatility
In addition to the wireless music capabilities, the premium speaker is also equipped with clock/timer/sleep functions as well as audio in, DSP and a digital amplifier.

Remote control
Control the speaker's primary functions from across the room using the included remote control.

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