Sony AIR-SA5R Socket Speaker

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Sony AIR-SA5R Socket Speaker

Listen to your music in more places of your home with the AIR-SA5R socket speaker. Simply plug this speaker directly into an electrical socket and stream music instantly from other S-AIR enabled products. No need to drill holes, hang brackets or hide unsightly wiring. You can even control your tunes from across the room with the included wireless remote.

Expands S-AIR enabled transmitters
The Socket Speaker can be paired with compatible S-AIR Digital Wireless transmitters1 to stream your favorite music to another room in your home.

Multi-room listening
S-AIR Digital Wireless technology makes it easy to enjoy your favorite music in multiple rooms in your house (S-AIR digital transmitter required, sold separately), without unsightly wires or the hassle of custom installations.

Easy set up - no wires
Setting up the compact, unobtrusive Sony® Socket Speaker couldn’t be easier. Just plug one into an electrical socket and that’s it. Each Socket Speaker uses the electrical socket itself as a mount, so there’s no need to drill holes, hang brackets, or hide unsightly wiring.

Expands S-AIR enabled A/V systems
The Sony® Socket Speaker is compatible with all S-AIR enabled Sony A/V receivers and home theater systems, making it easy to enjoy music playing on your system in another room of the house.

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