Sony SRS-A201 PC Speakers

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Sony SRS-A201 PC Speakers

Enjoy crisp sound from these stylish and contemporary speakers. The SRS-A201 system includes built-in amplification and a supplied AC adaptor for instant power to bring your computing experience to life. Control the volume of your favorite music or online games and listen as you're accompanied by clear treble and smooth bass. Also perfect for other portable devices.

Simple, Modern Design
Speaker design with a standSimple, modern design and color

Strong, Powerful Sound

Total output power: 2 Watts, low distortion amplifierFloating Speaker Design57mm (fre edge type) unit, white speaker coneBass reflex

Supplied AC Adaptor

Volume Control

Magnetically Shielded

Product Specifications

Weights and Measurements
* Dimensions (Approx.): 2.8" x 5.55" x 3.58" (71x141x91mm)
* Weight (Approx.): Left- 7.23oz. (205g) Right- 6.7oz. (190g)

* Frequency Response: 150 Hz ~ 20kHz
* Impedance: 8 ohms
* Sensitivity: 81 db/W/m
* Speaker Type: Full range bass reflex
* Speaker Unit: 2 1/4" (57mm) Driver

Inputs and Outputs
* Analog Audio Input(s) (Total): Mini plug

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