Sony SRS-T33 Compact Portable Speaker

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Sony SRS-T33 Compact Portable Speaker

Perfect for your notebook computer or Walkman® player, the SRS-T33 is a compact, portable speaker with Mega Bass® and One-Box Stereo Sound. Boasting a small design and weighing only 12 ounces with 4 “AA” batteries, the SRS-T33 is ideal if you want to enjoy your music on the road, in the office or at school. The unit is magnetically shielded so it won't interfere with other electronics. This portable speaker is available in three fashionable colors including white, blue and silver.

2-Way Power Supply
allows fully portable operation with optional "AA" x 4 batteries or plugged into standard household AC outlet with optional AC-E60HG or AC-E60A AC adapter

Can Also Be Used As Passive Portable Speaker System
with no batteries or external power source required

Neodymium Magnets
produce great energy output for greater speaker movement, power, and sound accuracy

Total Power Output 2W
provides ample volume for wide-range stereo sound

Mega Bass® Stereo Sound
produces more powerful bass tones regardless of volume

One-Box Stereo Sound
maintains separation between speaker cabinets for clear stereo sound

Compact, Lightweight and Foldable Design
for easy carrying wherever you take your personal stereo

Weighs approximately 8 oz,
12 oz (including batteries)

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