Sony SRS-T88 Compact Portable Speaker

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Sony SRS-T88 Compact Portable Speaker

Featuring a compact, foldable design, the SRS-T88 speakers will travel with you wherever you go. A supplied world voltage adapter even lets you go overseas without worrying about batteries. Perfectly portable, these powerful speakers can easily travel with you for business or pleasure.

Compact and Foldable Design
for easy carrying wherever you take your personal stereo

Remarkable Sound Quality
from speakers only about the size of a CD case yet which are capable of producing big sound, accurate bass and high acoustic output

Total Power Output 4W
provides abundant volume for exciting wide-range stereo sound

Dynamic Sound Duct
utilizes space within the speaker cabinet plus additional space within the battery compartment, to maximize enhancement of low frequency output for powerful bass reproduction

World Voltage (100V - 240V) Adapter Supplied
so you can take along these speakers on any overseas trip without worrying about batteries

Neodymium Magnets
produce great energy output for greater speaker movement, power, and sound accuracy

Magnetically Shielded Speakers
will not disturb picture quality and may be used next to a TV, laptop computer or monitor without interference

2-Way Power Supply
permits speaker operation using "AA" x 4 batteries or supplied world

Weighs Approximately 9 oz,
12 oz (including batteries)

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