Buffalo LinkStation Quad Network Storage

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Buffalo LinkStation Quad Network Storage

Buffalo's LinkStation Quad offers large, secure and remotely accessible storage for your home or SOHO network-- all with the peace of mind of RAID technology. The LinkStation Quad supports RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 and RAID10. By default the Quad ships in RAID5, continually providing redundancy and protecting your data from potential drive failure. RAID5 also provides the best balance between security and available storage space.

In addition to its RAID drive security, the LinkStation Quad has a snap-off front plate, which gives easy access to the quick-swap hard drives, which allow for a drive replacement without the need for shutting down the unit.

The LinkStation Quad comes loaded with features! With its built-in Web Access feature (optimized for iPhone), you can access your files anytime via web browser from anywhere—best of all, you can also upload files while away from home! A built-in DLNA™ multimedia server allows you to stream multimedia content directly to any DLNA player on your network and the BitTorrent client lets you access and download multimedia files without the need of a PC running during the download. A DirectCopy function enables the Quad to automatically save multimedia files from USB attached storage devices to its internal hard drives.

The LinkStation Quad has a heavy-duty cooling system, which allows the unit to run cool and quite at the same time. The LinkStation Quad is best suited for home and SOHO users who want a reliable RAID 5 NAS, as well as the ability to stream multimedia content to their entertainment devices.

Available in:
* 1.0 TB LS-Q1.0TL/R5
* 2.0 TB LS-Q2.0TL/R5
* 4.0 TB LS-Q4.0TL/R5

- Simplified File Sharing on Your Home or Small Office Network
- Easy Setup Does Not Require Drivers
- BitTorrent Server for all of your file sharing needs
- Seamlessly Integrates with iTunes®  and Allows you to Access your Music Files on the LinkStation from Your iTunes Software
- Access all your files via any Web browser from Anywhere
- Built-in DLNA CERTIFIED™ server for easy playback of multimedia files to any DLNA CERTIFIED device
- Protect Data by Restricting Access With Group and User Level Security
- Built-in Print Server to Print Files from Anywhere on your Network. Multi-function printers not supported. Works in Windows only.
- Direct Copy Feature Allows you to Quickly and Easily Transfer Photos from a Digital Camera Directly to a LinkStation
- Expand Storage by Adding a USB Hard Drive
- Scheduled Backup via USB 2.0 to External Storage
- Memeo™ AutoBackup Software for Windows PCs Included.
- RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring), RAID 5 (Parity) and RAID 10 (Striped Mirrors)