Dell PowerVault DL2000 Disk Backup

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Dell PowerVault DL2000 Disk Backup

Simpler and Faster to Set Up and Manage
The Dell PowerVault DL2000 powered by CommVault®  (part of the Dell TierDisk family of products) is the industry's first and only integrated solution for faster disk-based backups and recoveries that lets you start protecting your data in just 27 minutes.

Dell has simplified the backup process by offering the only integrated hardware, software and services solution powered by CommVault. The PowerVault DL2000 comes factory-installed with CommVault Simpana software and a unique wizard driven set up and management utility. The backup software comes with integrated automated dynamic disk provisioning that configures and sets up the disks for immediate use. Set it up, configure storage, add more disks —it only takes a few clicks.

Integrated Tape Support
The PowerVault DL2000 is available with the Dell PowerVault TL2000, TL4000, or ML6000 tape library integrated into the full solution. Take advantage of backup-to-disk for quick availability, then transfer to tape from the same management console for offsite disaster recovery.

Built-in Data Deduplication-Reduces Storage by up to 95%
The exponential growth in data has caused a similar growth in the need for storage. Deduplication technology can help reduce the need to store the same data repeatedly.

The PowerVault DL2000 – Powered by CommVault has a built-in compression and deduplication capability that stores blocks only once, eliminating redundant segments across consolidated backup sets. By storing only unique instances on disk and maximizing the number of recovery points, you're storing less redundant data for more rapid restores.

Faster, More Reliable Backups
Managing backups with tape can be complex and time-consuming. Backups to tape often exceed their backup window, and tape-based backups can be prone to failure.

Disk-based backup with the PowerVault DL2000 – Powered by CommVault are 52% faster than tape, and restores are 77% faster, with 19% greater reliability. And CommVault’s Simpana software reduces backup windows even more than traditional backup-to-disk software. It takes advantage of disk’s random read/write capability and writes data faster, in “chunks” rather than as large, sequential files. Plus an integrated solution with hardware, software and services is a cost-effective way to reduce total cost of ownership.

Bundled Software
The DL2000 - Powered by CommVault®  comes bundled as two suites:
Standard Edition: Includes CommServe Master Server, MediaAgent, and 5 File System Agents
Advanced Deduplication Edition: Includes CommServe Master Server, MediaAgent, 5 File System Agents, and 3TB2 Content Aware Block Level Deduplication to disk

Additional available licenses:
File System or Active Directory Agent: Protects the file system and system state for servers.
Application Agent: Delivers granular protection for Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Oracle, Active Directory, SQL, Office Communications Server, MySQL and SharePoint.
Universal Virtual Server Agent: Protects unlimited virtual machines for VMWare and Hyper-V environments
Continuous Data Replication: Provides byte-level, asynchronous host replication (one agent needed per server replicating to the PowerVault DL2000)
File Archiver: Removes infrequently accessed Windows, Linux, or Netware files to reduce primary storage space. Stubs are left behind that recall files when needed.
E-mail Archiver: Removes infrequently accessed e-mail messages (including attachments) to reduce primary storage space. Stubs are left behind that recall emails or attachments when needed.

Value series: 1 X Quad Core Intel®  Xeon®  E5410, 2x6MB Cache, 2.33GHz, 1333MHz FSB
Performance optimized: 2 X Quad Core Intel®  Xeon®  E5410, 2x6MB Cache, 2.33GHz, 1333MHz FSB

Value Series: 8GB
Performance Optimized: 16GB

2 X 250GB, 7200 RPM, SATA II Drives in Hardware RAID 1 Configuration

Expansion with MD1000
1 X PERC 6E RAID Controller for connecting 6 MD1000 Enclosures (i.e. a total of 90 Drives). One additional PERC card available for purchase – to connect6 additional MD1000 enclosures (for a total of 180 Drives)

Maximum Usable Capacity
Up to 144TB of usable space (180TB of raw disks)

Tape Connectivity
Fiber Channel HBAs: Emulex or QLogicHBAs

Dual embedded Broadcom®  NetXtreme II 5708 Gigabit6 Ethernet NIC with fail-over and load balancing.
TOE (TCP/IP Offload Engine) supported with Scalable Networking Pack.

Operating System: Microsoft®  Windows Server 2008, Standard, x64
Chassis: 2U rack mountable

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