Fujitsu Mag EraSURE P2V Degausser

Fujitsu Updated: 2007-07-22
Fujitsu Mag EraSURE P2V Degausser

The Fujitsu Mag EraSURE® Professional Value commercial degausser is an ideal solution for industries requiring fast and secure erasing of hard disk drives, removable disks and backup tapes that contain confidential or highly sensitive information. The Mag EraSURE family of products leverages leading-edge technology, using a rare earth permanent magnet to degauss all magnetically recorded data.

The Fujitsu Mag EraSURE erases media by passing it through a large magnetic field. Once exposed to the permanent magnet in the device, data becomes unrecoverable by commercial means. In addition to purging recorded information on the unit, including servo and calibration data, the degausser also destroys the read/write heads.

Featuring one-touch operation, the Fujitsu Mag EraSURE is extremely user friendly. Simply insert the drive into the degausser, push the button, and the device handles the rest. Also, with its convenient desktop size, Mag EraSURE is perfectly suited for operation in the field or office. The device is an essential tool for a wide variety of industries, particularly in the security, financial, legal, medical and data center markets, where large amounts of highly confidential information is collected.

The Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Professional Value degausser provides a quick, convenient and secure method to ensure purging of sensitive data. With over thirty years of experience in hard disk drive manufacturing, Fujitsu has the knowledge and expertise to provide a reliable, secure and high-performance commercial degausser.

Erase data from magnetically recorded media