Fujitsu ONStor Cougar NAS

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Fujitsu ONStor Cougar NAS

The ONStor™ Cougar™ Series NAS Gateway using ETERNUS® Storage offers enterprise customers a file storage consolidation platform that simplifies scaling, protection, and management of unstructured data. Using advanced features such as n-way high availability clustering, server virtualization, and pooled storage management, the combination of Cougar and ETERNUS delivers reliable and scalable file services in a compact, energy-efficient package, along with industry leading price-performance.

ONStor Cougar Models Supported: 3310, 3510, 6520, 6720

ETERNUS Models Supported: ETERNUS2000, ETERNUS4000 and ETERNUS8000

Delivers industry leading price-performance

Designed for enterprise-class reliability and availability

Ability to scale performance and capacity independently

Compact, eco-friendly, energy efficient design

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