Fujitsu RE25U External Hard Drive

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Fujitsu RE25U External Hard Drive

Portable and lightweight, the external hard disk drives feature Fujitsu 2.5" mobile hard disk drives

The Fujitsu External Hard Disk Drive... secure, high capacity compact storage for people on the go

* With up to 300GB capacity, the Fujitsu External Hard Disk Drive has ample space to backup or store an entire system, including work files, MP3s, videos and photos
* Unit is bus powered from host computer — no need for an AC adapter
* Built-in USB 2.0 cable
* Data protected with 16-point omnidirectional shock mounting system to help reduce damage from impact
* Backup software suite included
* One-year Limited Warranty and technical support

The Fujitsu External 2.5" Hard Disk Drive is the ultimate portable Hard Disk Drive and backup system for PCs. Its sleek, slim, self-powered design makes it an ideal traveling companion so you can backup or reinstall data wherever you are. The device's high capacity also makes it an excellent storage solution for your home computer.

With storage capacities up to 300GB, the Fujitsu External Hard Disk Drive adds extra capacity to your system and is perfect for storing photos, music and video files. Engineered for people on the move, the Fujitsu External Hard Disk Drive is equipped with everything you need to take your data with you, including an integrated USB 2.0 cable for connection at the flick of a fingertip; and a Data Protection Suite for PC, providing backup, and synchronization for the ultimate in data protection.
Data Protection Software Suite For PC

These powerful backup tools enable you to back up your entire system in one simple step. Perfect for real-time disaster recovery in the event of a Hard Disk Drive failure, the backup software suite enables users to compress backups into a single file up to half its original size, restore individual files and password protect the backups.

The Synchronizing software provides a variety of options to synchronize systems for file sharing and backup between multiple computers. This ensures that data is always up-to-date between systems, maintaining data integrity.


Ultra-portable design: Ideal to take between home and the office or on trips
Integrated cable: Integrated USB 2.0 cable
Bus Powered: Bus powered from standard USB
Compatibility: PC and Mac compatible
Extensive Shock Mounting: HDD protected with 16-point omnidirectional shock mounting system
Plug-n-Play: Drivers not required for Windows XP, 2000, Vista or Mac OS
Hot Swappable: No need to power down, just plug and go
Backup & Disaster Recovery: Backup entire system using the Data Protection Suite. Create either a bootable clone for the ultimate Disaster Recovery Backup, or compress backup into a backup image to the Fujitsu external hard disk drive
Moving Files: Excellent for synchronizing data between desktop & notebook computers
Box Contents: Fujitsu external hard disk drive includes integrated cable,
Data Protection Suite Software CD, extension cable, Y-auxiliary power cable
Data Protection Suite for PC: Programs

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