HP MSA30 MI Modular Smart Array 30 Multi-Initiator

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HP MSA30 MI Modular Smart Array 30 Multi-Initiator

The HP Modular Smart Array 30 Enclosure family is the newest HP Ultra320 SCSI disk drive storage enclosure, delivering industry-leading data performance, availability, storage capacity and upgradeability to meet demanding and growing storage needs.

The MSA30 Enclosure is ideal for data center, departmental and workgroup server users who need a flexible, universal storage enclosure that utilizes a common storage building block for their current and future data center. The MSA30 Enclosure is intended for use with servers delivering business-critical data and applications with requirements for high availability, performance, excellent serviceability, and large storage capacity.

MSA30 Multi Initiator - The HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 30 Multi-Initiator (hereafter referred to as "MSA30 MI") builds on the MSA30 design by adding a 4-port I/O Module for the MSA 30 to support Multi-Initiator JBOD Clusters. The MSA30 MI will replace the DS2300 and it supports HP-UX on HP Integrity and HP 9000 Servers only. The MSA30 MI does not support ProLiant Servers.

Available enclosures
* Model MSA30 SB- Rack-mountable 14-drive enclosure with single bus, redundant power supply
* Model MSA30 DB - Rack-mountable 14-drive enclosure with dual bus, redundant power supply
* Model MSA30 MI - Rack-mountable 14-drive enclosure with 4-port I/O module redundant power supply

Key Features

All models of the HP Modular Smart Array 30 Enclosure family have the following features:
* Ultra320 (LVD) support - Delivering maximum data transfer rates up to 320 MB/s per channel
* 3U rack height
* A common storage platform allows for future storage consolidation to the SAN
* Award winning innovative SCA (Single Connect Attach) direct connect drive carrier - provides better cooling and reliability for 10K and 15K drives
* Hot pluggable disk drives, power supplies, and fans
* Redundant fans, redundant power supplies
* Single, dual bus, or 4-port I/O module
* Each MSA30 Enclosure comes with dual power supplies that are sufficient to provide power to the enclosure and maintain normal operating levels.
* Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU) - Monitors environmental conditions within the enclosure and components such as the power supply and fans
* Easy removal of parts provides better serviceability. No tools are required!

Specific features of the HP Modular Smart Array 30 Multi-Initiator (MSA30 MI) include
* Supports up to 14 (1-inch) Ultra 2, Ultra3 or Ultra320 Universal hard disk drives
* Provides storage capacity of up to 2.05TB per enclosure (using 146.8GB 1-inch disk drives)
* House up to 14-enclosures in one 42U rack for a single rack storage capacity of up to 28.7TB of disk storage
* Modular design allows the MSA30 to be used in any storage configuration -- from JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) to Smart Array storage enclosures to external multi-vendor Modular Arrays.
* 4-port I/O module used in MSA30 enclosure
* Service Guard JBOD clustering support
* Support Integrity Servers (IPF and PA-RISC), Linux and HP-UX

Component commonality
* The MSA30 MI has been designed, tested and integrated to work seamlessly with other HP products, for optimal performance and reliability. Intensive compatibility and performance testing with HP Integrity Servers, HPUX , and and 64 Bit Linux Operating Systems ensures the highest level of integration available in the industry on a HP Business Critical System servers.
* When used with any one of the StorageWorks Smart Array family controllers and monitored under Insight Manager (v4.20 or higher), the drives in the MSA30 are supported by the HP Pre-Failure Warranty.
* Only HP allows for all Ultra320 devices to be compatible with previous Ultra3 and Ultra2 devices so customers can mix and match components in the same storage enclosure or server. When Ultra2 devices, Ultra3 devices and Ultra320 devices are found on the same Ultra320 SCSI bus, each Ultra2 device will transfer data up to 80 MB/s, while each Ultra3 device will transfer data up to 160 MB/s, and each Ultra320 device will transfer data up to 320 MB/s.
* Upgrading a StorageWorks Enclosure 4300 to a Modular Smart Array 30 Enclosure is as easy as swapping out the I/O module on the back of the unit. The I/O module is warm-swappable, therefore during the upgrade power to the unit can remain on, but all I/O operations need to be stopped to ensure no data is lost during the upgrade.