HP ProLiant SB460c SAN Gateway Storage Server

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HP ProLiant SB460c SAN Gateway Storage Server

Do you have a proliferation of NAS devices that you need to consolidate, or tier two applications that would benefit from centralized storage? You need a flexible NAS/SAN gateway that increases the efficiency of your existing infrastructure.

The first internal blade NAS/SAN fusion gateway product available, the HP ProLiant SB460c SAN Gateway Storage Server is a flexible ready to deploy NAS/SAN gateway solution for both enterprise and workgroup SAN environments.

The SB460c SAN Gateway is used to access SAN storage, translating file data from the server into blocks for storage. Centralize file serving onto a SAN to control proliferation of NAS devices while preserving your existing NAS storage investments. Also enables hosting of application (block) storage, using less expensive iSCSI to connect to a SAN infrastructure or HP MSA shared storage using iSCSI over the network, to increase efficiency of your existing infrastructure.

Cost-effective flexibility

* Flexible and ready to deploy NAS Gateway: Use the HP ProLiant SB460c SAN Gateway as a NAS gateway to access SAN storage, translating file data from the server into blocks for storage.
* Cost efficient iSCSI SAN gateway: Enable application servers to use less expensive iSCSI over the network to connect to an existing SAN Fibre Channel infrastructure.
* Use as a Windows Print Server: The SB460c SAN Gateway can be used as a Windows print server, where the integrated print management console allows multiple printers to be managed from a single interface.

Time-saving installation and deployment

* OS pre-installation streamlines deployment: HP ProLiant SB460c SAN Gateway saves configuration time with Microsoft Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003 factory-installed on local hard drives.
* HP startup wizard enables deployment in minutes: The HP Rapid Start-up Wizard simplifies and accelerates new device deployment by walking you through basic system settings step-by-step.
* Enhanced administrative support: HP-enhanced Microsoft Management Console centralizes HP storage management tools within the familiar MMC console.

Intelligent storage management

* File de-duplication reduces redundant data stored: The HP ProLiant SB460c SAN Gateway makes more efficient use of storage space using the file de-duplicating Single-instance Storage (SIS).
* Indexed Search extracts data for easy access: Includes additional storage-specific tools like Indexed Search, SharePoint® Services support, Quotas, File Screening, Storage Reporting, and Distributed File System (DFS) Replication.
* Distributed File System (DFS) Management Console: Deploy and centrally manage wide range of heterogeneous file serving environments with support for SMB/CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, WebDAV, AppleTalk, and NetWare file protocols.

Industry standard, single vendor solution

* Buy with confidence from HP: End to end integration testing with HP servers and infrastructure as well as HP and third party external storage and backup solutions ensures functionality, performance and compatibility. Built on the ProLiant BL460c G5 for industry standard reliability within your BladeSystem enclosure.
* One source simplicity: Optimize troubleshooting and repair time by choosing a single vendor for storage and server infrastructure.
* All inclusive for easy setup and fast deployment: The price of the SB460c SAN Gateway is all-inclusive, which means no additional costly options are required to get your NAS/SAN gateway up and running in minutes.