HP StorageWorks 1200r All-in-One Storage System

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HP StorageWorks 1200r All-in-One Storage System

Imagine a single solution for your business that provides optimized NAS file serving, shared iSCSI storage for application servers, and built-in data protection capabilities. Now imagine that you don't need to be a storage expert to use it.

HP StorageWorks All-in-One Storage Systems are radically simple, integrated, and affordable solutions that enable you to manage, grow, and protect data in small- and medium-sized office environments. Designed to be deployed and managed by IT generalists, they deliver everything you need to decrease the costs of rapid data growth. The revolutionary All-in-One Storage Manager (ASM) interface automates storage tasks, masks complexity, and presents capacity in familiar application-centric terms. IT generalists can look like storage experts with tools to set up shared folders, iSCSI Target application storage, and backup/replication.

The AiO1200r is a high-density 2U rack-mount and easily expandable platform supporting both SATA and SAS drives.

What's New
* A high-capacity and high-performance 5.4TB SAS model (AK223A) featuring twelve 450GB SAS HDDs

Features and Benefits

Unbelievably Simple
* Multi-protocol file serving: Compatible with a wide range of heterogeneous file serving environments and optimized for up to 20% faster file serving performance than a Windows Server 2003 R2 installation
* Application-centric storage management: Hides block storage complexity and allows for management, growth, and protection at the application level (Exchange, SQL, data protection, etc.)
* Intelligent automation: Tight integration with Microsoft Exchange (2003/2007) and SQL Server (2000/2005/2008) enables 'best practice' storage setup and data migration in less than 10 mouse clicks.
* Seamless interface: Do more in less time. Manage capacity, security, quotas, alerts, data protection, replication, and more in a single graphical dashboard with point & click simplicity

Uniquely Affordable
* Server-independent storage: Capacity can be allocated, shared, and used by multiple servers all over TCP/IP networks. This lowers costs and improves efficiency
* Flexible growth: Take control of the insatiable demand for storage and gain the flexibility to adapt as needs change. Easily expand data areas without disrupting servers or users
* Industry standard building blocks: HP ProLiant hardware enables long-term investment protection and exclusive features like Lights-out remote management. The Windows-powered O/S integrates natively into your Active Directory and DFS environments and runs your favorite antivirus, backup, and storage management applications.
* Capacity and scalability in a 2U rack platform: This high storage density, performance-optimized, and easily expandable solution is built on the HP ProLiant DL185 G5 Storage Server and supports up to 12 SAS or SATA hard drives.

Unquestionably Reliable
* Built in data protection with no backup window: Application-aware snapshots (up to 512), backup, replication, and redundant hardware ensure data is safe and secure.
* HP reliability and the HP partner network: A name you can trust along with HP's 145,000 partners to provide local assistance and valuable expertise – when and where you need it
* Automatic problem notification: Be notified automatically of pending problems or actual issues, via e-mail or page. Monitor capacity and set alerts to manage growth