HP StorageWorks 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array

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HP StorageWorks 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array

The EVA4400 offers an easily deployed enterprise class virtual storage array for midsized customers at an affordable price. With built in virtualization, it is designed to improve capacity utilization and be easy to manage, which lowers the cost of ownership compared to traditional arrays. It has high performance, scales easily, and is highly reliable and available. The availability is built on the EVA4100/6100/8100 architecture that offers 99.999% availability and a dual redundant design. It provides broad operating system support with proven integration with major applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Oracle and SAP. The EVA4400 has robust local and remote replication capabilities with HP Business Copy EVA and HP Continuous Access EVA software. With HP Command View EVA and HP Dynamic Capacity Management software, management and storage provisioning of the EVA is easy and saves time for customers.

What's new

* Better performance and more capacity than the EVA4100, at an affordable price
* More storage services with more robust replication capabilities than MSA
* Integrated, compact 8 Gb/s SAN switches packaged within the controllers modules - two embedded 8Gb/s 10-port B-series SAN switches, including eight 8Gb/s SFP transceivers
* SmartStart for EVA4400 Storage is a host configuration utility to make this new array easy to install and configure

Features & Benefits

Powerful Performance
* Affordable enterprise-class storage array: The EVA4400, the newest member EVA family, is easier to install, upgrade and repair, at an affordable price for midsized customers.
* Improves capacity usage, reduces management time: Reduces complexities of installations typically found in traditional arrays by employing EVA virtualization capabilities to improve your management resources.
* Easy to install and repair: Installation is quick and easy, taking only a few hours, freeing you to manage your business priorities and not your storage solution. You can easily upgrade, repair and replace components yourself, without the need for a service call.
* Spend less time managing storage: Command View EVA and Dynamic Capacity Management software make it easy to manage the array and storage provisioning.

Easy Integration
* Lower cost of ownership: Contributing to an attractive Total Cost of Ownership, the EVA4400 is more affordable and less complex than traditional arrays.
* Simplifies integration of leading business apps: EVA4400 Solution Blocks provide blueprints for integration with Microsoft Exchange, Oracle and SAP that combines the right server, storage and application components for quick deployment of typical business intelligence, disaster recovery, mail and messaging applications as well as other projects.
* Keeps pace in the agile world of virtual servers: In a dynamic VMware environment, the most complimentary storage is that which can respond quickly to change. The EVA4400, because it is so easy to configure and provision storage, is the better SAN solution.

Reliable and Available
* Complete solution for storage and servers: Combined with HP BladeSystem, the EVA4400 provides a complete solution where storage and servers are managed together. This offers a simple management and resource solution for customers.
* Easy and robust disaster recovery: Local and remote replication software, Business Copy EVA and Continuous Access EVA, protect data so in the event of a service disruption, recovery is quick and easy.
* High availability for planned uptime: Customers can expect 99.999% availability with dual-redundant architecture of high-end arrays supports robust local and remote replication capabilities.