HP StorageWorks D2D100 Backup System

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HP StorageWorks D2D100 Backup System

The HP StorageWorks D2D Backup System provides reliable, consolidated data protection for up to six servers in a single, self-managing device. It works with your backup software application to fully automate daily backup jobs, requiring fewer resources to manage your daily backup jobs. It also increases the reliability of your backups by reducing the risk of human error that often occurs when managing daily backup to multiple tape devices. Compatible with your current IT infrastructure, it also allows you to leverage your current investment in data protection software and hardware with minimal changes required to improve overall data protection reliability.

This disk-based backup solution lets you easily restore lost or corrupted files from online backups within minutes. The HP D2D Backup System gets users back to work quickly, reducing downtime costs and frustration while contributing to the overall productivity of your business.

The HP StorageWorks D2D Backup System emulates up to 6 LTO tape autoloaders allowing you to consolidate the backup of up to 6 servers onto a single network-connected device. This eliminates the need to manage multiple backup devices and helps to ensure that backups are completed on time. Additionally, the D2D Backup System can be managed remotely through a browser-based user interface giving you anywhere, anytime access to your backup jobs.

This simple solution works directly with HP LTO tape drives to create a D2D2T data protection solution. It includes a data export feature in the user interface that allows you to directly offload data to a connected LTO tape drive, providing an additional level of data protection to meet your disaster recovery and archiving requirements. At less than half the cost of comparable solutions, the D2D Backup System provides you with an affordable storage solution that will simplify and improve the reliability of your current data protection strategy.

What's New

* Three new HP StorageWorks D2D130 Backup System models with 3TB of total storage capacity.
* Support for LTO-3 tape drive and autoloader emulation.
* Support for up to six virtual tape drives or autoloaders providing backup for up to six servers simultaneously.
* Data transfer rate increase to 50MB/s.
* Increase in virtual tape capacity to 800GB per virtual cartridge.
* D2D backup Systems shipping with the Data Protector Express software kit now include a license for the Data Protector Express D2D2any option.

Features and Benefits

* Simplify your life with “hands-free” daily backup:  Automating the backup process simplifies your data protection processes. Implementing unattended daily backup is especially good for businesses with limited IT resources.
* Make your backups more reliable:  Automation also makes your data protection processes more dependable by reducing the risks of human error and problems associated with tape hardware and media, the two biggest causes of failed backups. Backups happen when they should, day in and day out.
* Take an affordable step toward consolidating your IT resources:  Schedule daily backups to the HP D2D Backup System to provide automated backup for up to six servers at less than the cost of a single LTO autoloader. It’s an affordable way to consolidate your daily backups onto a single disk-based device, with the option of consolidating your tape backup as well.
* Restore lost data faster:  Disk-based data protection provides online access to your backup data, allowing lost or corrupted files to be restored in minutes rather than hours or days. This means you can get your end users up and running quickly after data loss, reducing downtime and its impact on productivity.
* Back up multiple servers faster:  Backing up six servers simultaneously to a disk instead of one after the other to a tape drive or autoloader means that all backups get completed within your backup window.
* Manage your backup system more easily:  A browser-based application lets you monitor your backup device from anywhere, locally or remotely. Check on available capacity, view and change device setup, add or change e-mail alerts, and easily update device firmware.
* Reduce the time you spend on routine maintenance:  Moving backups to a disk-based appliance with an integrated tape drive combines all the benefits of disk with the comprehensive protection of tape. Use your backup application to copy data from the D2D Backup System to tape, or use the appliance’s direct copy facility at any time of day without slowing down the network.
* Integrate disk-based backup seamlessly into your current environment:  The HP D2D Backup System makes your existing data protection regime more effective without major changes to your software or processes. Your backup application views this device as just another tape drive or autoloader, so you don’t need to retrain your staff or completely change your backup regime.