HP StorageWorks D2D4000 Backup System

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HP StorageWorks D2D4000 Backup System

HP StorageWorks D2D4000 Backup System provides consolidated, disk-based data protection for small and medium size data centers in an intelligent self-managing 2U rack-mountable solution. Dynamic deduplication removes redundant backup data to retain up to 50x more data on the same raw 4.5 TB or 9 TB disk, allowing backups to be kept for longer to give fast access to restore files and an affordable way to store more backup on disk. The D2D4000 Backup System integrates seamlessly into your existing environment and works with your backup software applications to automate the simultaneous daily backup of up to 16 servers onto a single network-connected device. With speeds of more than 288 GB/hour over iSCSI or 4 Gb Fibre Channel interface you can significantly reduce your backup window. The D2D4000 Backup System removes the need to manage multiple devices and reduces errors caused by media handling; proven RAID 6 further reduces the risk of data loss for worry-free data protection.

What's New

* 2U rack-mountable D2D Backup System with either 4.5 TB or 9 TB raw disk capacity.
* Featuring Dynamic deduplication which enables you to retain up to 50x more backup data on disk for longer.
* Enables backup of up to 16 servers
* Speeds of more than 80 MB/second or 288 GB/hour aggregate performance.
* Two 4 Gb Fibre Channel or Two 1 Gb iSCSI interfaces.
* Hardware RAID 6 security

Features and Benefits

* Retain up to 50 times more backup data on disk with fast access for rapid recovery:  Dynamic deduplication reduces the disk space required to store backup data sets by up to 50x without impacting backup performance. Retaining more backup data on disk for longer periods of time results in greater data accessibility for rapid restore of lost or corrupt files and reduces the impact on business productivity.
* More affordable data protection:  At less than the cost of comparable solution deduplication products, the HP D2D4000 Backup System delivers more affordable data protection by storing more data in the same raw 4.5 TB or 9 TB disk supporting savings in IT resources, physical space and power requirements.
* Simplify your data protection with hands-free daily backup:  Automating the backup process simplifies and reduces the time spent managing your data protection processes. Implementing unattended daily backup is especially powerful for environments with limited IT resources.
* Backup multiple servers faster:  Backing up 16 servers simultaneously to a disk-based solution at speeds of more than 288 GB per hour instead of sequentially to a tape drive or autoloader means that you can substantially reduce your backup window.
* High performance connectivity:  Choice of dual 1 Gb iSCSI interface or dual 4 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) interface for high performance networks.
* Make your backups more reliable:  Improve the overall reliability of your backup infrastructure by automating and consolidating the backup of multiple servers to the D2D4000 Backup System. This reduces the incidence of human error related to backup processes such as tape media rotation and management.
* Reduce risk of disk failure:  Includes hardware-based RAID 6 to reduce the risk of data loss due to disk failure to virtually zero.
* Seamlessly integrates into current environments without additional investment:  The D2D4000 Backup System 2U form factor is easily rack-mounted in standard racks for efficient use of space in the data center. It supports all leading backup applications allowing the device to be installed and used without additional investment in systems, software or staff training.
* Offload to tape for longer term archival: Copying or Duplication or Mirror to tape capability allows for cost-effective archival and offsite vaulting. Use your backup application to copy data from the D2D4000 Backup System to tape, or use the appliance’s direct copy facility at any time of day without slowing down the network.
* Easy to manage: An intuitive web-based browser interface allows you to monitor your D2D4000 Backup System, locally or remotely, to view results or change settings. This self-managing device also reduces your routine maintenance, you don’t need to create RAID sets, conduct disk defragmentation or apply security patches.